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Enabling individual contributors, leaders and teams to advance their skills, embrace new behaviors, and transform their performance.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Whether you are just starting out in your career or you are a seasoned executive, there are challenges that get you stuck, hold you back, and make you doubt yourself. I’ve helped hundreds of clients overcome these roadblocks. How? By employing a 4 part process that gets clients unstuck so they can unlock their full potential.

Discover | Utilizing an in-depth process that leverages inquiry, inventory, and self-reflection, I will help you move beyond simple goal setting to a discovery process that uncovers your core values and the impediments blocking you from reaching true success.

Adapt | You want the opportunity to grow, but growth means change. Change can feel uncomfortable and overwhelming, especially when it comes to challenges in new and unfamiliar territory. Using a technique I call Avatar Coaching, I will help you learn how to harness your strengths, while addressing your gaps so that you can adapt and overcome the obstacles in your path.

Embrace | New skills and habits aren’t developed overnight; they require practice and repeat exposure. Using my Avatar Coaching Technique along with other coaching tools, I will support you in developing the new skills and habits you require to succeed in your goals. How? By helping you develop the strategic awareness and implementing accountability best practices to ensure your insights turn into new habits.

Thrive | The final destination isn’t simply goal achievement. If you want to be successful, you need to develop strategies to break the cycle that gets you feeling stuck and frustrated. I will help you develop strategies that keep you on the path of success so you can feel empowered to keep setting and hitting new goals!

“The way Rach allows me to take the lead in our Conversation allows me to focus on what I know to be important for the session based on what is going on in my business, or wha I am working on. It’s hard to describe the relationship that Rach builds with her clients like myself- with her experience in the coaching world, she strikes the perfect balance with providing solutions and leading you to them on your own through incredibly thoughtful questions and hypothetical situation role-play. Thanks to Rach, I feel more confident approaching difficult conversations, knowing how to soften my sometimes overly-direct communication style, and I also have been able to spend more time understanding my own values in life. The latter, being something that has changed my life permanently for the better. I highly recommend hiring Rach for all of your life coaching and business coaching wants & needs”

~Belle Ives, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

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