About Rach SebellShavit

“From the start of working with Rach, I knew her coaching would serve as a great benefit for my personal and professional development. It felt like a weight lifted off of my shoulders; I was able to recognize my imposter syndrome in tandem with daily systemic inequities, including racism, microaggressions, toxic masculinity, gender imbalances, and other power dynamics. Until this time, I hadn’t realized my identity construction, was being hindered by others’ perceptions of my intelligence, confidence, determination, and curiosity due to my intersectional identities. Now I can begin to fully embrace my identity as an intelligent and determined strong black woman.”

Christine Armstrong,
Managing Director,
Transformative Culture Project

I am a queer, ICF PCC – Certified Executive, Leadership, & Whole Self Coach with over 18 years of experience in operations, customer success, and talent development in both the software and non-profit spaces. I provide strategic empowerment coaching to leaders, individual contributors and teams. Whether you are just starting out in your career or you are a seasoned leader, there are challenges that get you stuck and hold you back from success and harmony. Those who take advantage of strategic empowerment coaching experience improved self-confidence, resilience, communication skills, job satisfaction, and a greater sense of well being. Why? Because coaching provides a confidential and supportive space to:

  • Discover your goals
  • Seamlessly adapt to change
  • Conquer obstacles that are slowing you down
  • Improve your confidence and professional presence
  • Better prioritize and thrive as your whole self

Through our coaching conversations, my clients get unblocked as they start developing new ways of thinking, strategizing, and communicating. By developing new strategies that embrace their strengths and weaknesses, my clients are able to leverage their skills and adapt in the areas that are holding them back enabling them to surpass their critical goals. My Clients include:

  • Executives & Leaders
  • First Time Managers & Emerging Leaders
  • Women Leaders
  • Queer Leaders
  • BIPOC Leaders
  • Working Parents

Through coaching I have helped hundreds of individuals & teams:

  • Set Stronger Goals
  • Embrace Confidence
  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Improve as Managers & Leaders
  • Improve Time Management and Organization Skills
  • Manage Stress & Building Resilience
  • Master Stronger Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Navigate Conflict & Difficult Conversations
  • Overcome Parent Work/Life Imbalance

My mission is to help individuals and teams overcome every obstacle in their path so that they can thrive! Let’s do this together!

For a complete list of my work history & credentials please visit me on LinkedIn.