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Rach changed my life and I am immensely grateful for the coaching she has provided to me. I was able to overcome some big hurdles, think about things in a new way and re-learn how to solve complex problems with her guidance. Rach is a seasoned executive and whole self coach who understands the power of inquisition, empathy, and meaningful goal setting. I recommend her to any level of leader looking to level up in the workplace or in life! Thanks Rach!

~Jimmy Dickinson, VP of Industry, NTT DATA Business Solutions

I had the privilege to have Rach as an executive coach and it was life changing. She helped me become the best version of me. My family and colleagues noticed my growth and it only happened by being open and honest with Rach.

~Roxana Borges, East Small Business Performance Executive, Bank of America

Rach is an exceptional and insightful Executive Coach. Having the privilege of working with her as my coach for six months as part of the Paradigm 4 Parity program was a life changing experience. She methodically and with empathy helped me unlock my strengths, resolve roadblocks and fears and truly value experience and accomplishments. Outside of the time we spent together, she also provided me with tools and exercises to practice in the time between to continually grow over six months. I have been bolder and more purposeful in my desire to grow to higher levels thanks to her coaching.

~Nita Patel, Director, Global Marketing – Digital Content, Merck

“Rach was the professional development coach I didn’t know I needed. She created an atmosphere where we could have uncomfortable conversations comfortably. She helped reframe my thinking and developed tools to help me overcome limiting mental habits / hurdles. Rach is very thoughtful and professional and enabled me to grow in ways that will serve me well over the course of my career and life more broadly. If you get the chance to work with Rach – do it! You will not regret it.”

~Morgann Wilcox, VP of Sports Finance & Advisory Group, Bank of America

“Rach helped me build my confidence, motivation, and stay focused on the core objectives to be successful. She pushed me to think outside the box all of the time. I would not be where I am today without the professional guidance from Rach.”

~Nisha Anand, Solutions Engineer, HubSpot

I recently took some coaching sessions with Rach and that was the best thing I did for myself in 2020! Rach made the whole process exciting and I felt encouraged all the way. She helped me identify my strong suits and gently facilitated the process of aligning my core values with my goals. The sessions were very insightful with many a-ha moments and all through Rach always helped me keep my goals in sight. Each session brought so much more clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. I always felt supported and encouraged by Rach’s very reassuring manner and this also helped me explore areas that I had earlier been wary of doing. I would highly recommend Rach as a coach. Besides her expertise and credentials, she is everything one would want in a coach- encouraging, enabling, respectful, patient, and a very positive human being!

~Chandrika Iyer, Mental Health Counselor and Parent Educator

“The way Rach allows me to take the lead in our Conversation allows me to focus on what I know to be important for the session based on what is going on in my business, or wha I am working on. It’s hard to describe the relationship that Rach builds with her clients like myself- with her experience in the coaching world, she strikes the perfect balance with providing solutions and leading you to them on your own through incredibly thoughtful questions and hypothetical situation role-play. Thanks to Rach, I feel more confident approaching difficult conversations, knowing how to soften my sometimes overly-direct communication style, and I also have been able to spend more time understanding my own values in life. The latter, being something that has changed my life permanently for the better. I highly recommend hiring Rach for all of your life coaching and business coaching wants & needs”

~Belle Ives, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Working with Rach was an experience that will remain rewarding for a long time to come. In just five short sessions, her coaching helped me gather insights about the kind of work I really want to be doing, how I can best craft my job search materials to emphasize the skills and strengths I realized through being coached by Rach, and how to set myself up for success during my career transition. While I was sad that our sessions came to an end, I walked away with a renewed vision for what’s possible in my future and the confidence to take risks on this new path. I would strongly recommend Rach to anyone navigating a career transition, or trying to identify ways to meld values and enjoyment into rewarding work.

~Chelsea Graham, Educator and Communication Specialist

“From the start of working with Rach, I knew her coaching would serve as a great benefit for my personal and professional development. It felt like a weight lifted off of my shoulders; I was able to recognize my imposter syndrome in tandem with daily systemic inequities, including racism, microaggressions, toxic masculinity, gender imbalances, and other power dynamics. Until this time, I hadn’t realized my identity construction, was being hindered by others’ perceptions of my intelligence, confidence, determination, and curiosity due to my intersectional identities. Now I can begin to fully embrace my identity as an intelligent and determined” strong”black woman.”

~Christine Armstrong, Managing Director, Transformative Culture Project

20+ Years In Boston Tech & The Non-Profit Industry

5000+ Hours of Coaching & Training Delivered

250+ Hours of Coach & Trainer Certification Completed

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