Coaching Services

“Rach helped me build my confidence, motivation, and stay focused on the core objectives to be successful. She pushed me to think outside the box all of the time. I would not be where I am today without the professional guidance from Rach.”

~Nisha Anand
Solutions Engineer, HubSpot

Whether you are just starting out in your career or you are a seasoned leader, there are challenges that get you stuck and hold you back from success and harmony. Those who take advantage of strategic empowerment coaching experience improved self-confidence, resilience, communication skills, job satisfaction, and a greater sense of well being. Why? Because coaching provides a confidential and supportive space to be vulnerable in order to explore goals, opportunities, and options.

Executive & Leadership Coaching
You are an emerging leader, rising manager, director, or executive looking to take yourself to the next level. You’ve accomplished a lot in your life through hard work, but now you’re feeling stuck, things are hard and you need someone in your corner who isn’t your manager and is more than an occasional mentor. You need a coach who can help you dig into the areas you need to better adapt and embrace to take yourself to the next level.

Career Transition Coaching
Whether you are just starting out or are making a mid-career change, you want to know what you are going towards and have a plan to get there. Arm yourself with a career coach who will help you unlock you career path and make your dreams a reality.

Whole Self Coaching
You are trying to juggle all of life’s competing priorities and are constantly wondering where to find time to prioritize yourself and your values. You need a coach who can help you overcome challenges and embrace your opportunities in a way that is authentic to you.

“Working with Rach was an experience that will remain rewarding for a long time to come. In just five short sessions, her coaching helped me gather insights about the kind of work I really want to be doing, how I can best craft my job search materials to emphasize the skills and strengths I realized through being coached by Rach, and how to set myself up for success during my career transition. While I was sad that our sessions came to an end, I walked away with a renewed vision for what’s possible in my future and the confidence to take risks on this new path. I would strongly recommend Rach to anyone navigating a career transition, or trying to identify ways to meld values and enjoyment into rewarding work.”

~Chelsea Graham, Communication Specialist