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Emerging Leader &
Organizational Coaching

Empower Your Leaders & Align Your Organization

You've hired the best, now invest in their success!



A 6-month Leadership Development Program tailored to the needs of your emerging leaders and developing managers. Activate leverages a critical ingredient- uncovering each individual’s leadership strengths and blindspots so they can develop their own unique empowered leadership style while also providing group coaching to support your leaders to become stronger collaborative partners across your organization. Why invest in this? Because empowered leaders make highly collaborative strategic leaders!

Program Includes:

  • A comprehensive leadership diagnostic for each participant.

  • Group or team coaching tailored to the needs of your organization.
  • Expert Leadership Development content, tools, & resources to support skill advancement.
  • 90 day program calibration to maximize your ROI as leaders develop.



A comprehensive coaching program for organizations that are looking to develop their leaders and address organization wide culture gaps holding the team back. It starts with a company GAPS diagnostic leveraging The Korn Ferry Global Competency Framework to surface critical themes and then delivers an organizational culture coaching program that develops leaders who can work together to create a stronger culture.

Program Includes:

  • Company GAPS diagnostic
  • Culture Blueprint that maps out needs, plan, & expected ROI.
  • Group or Team Coaching centered around themes uncovered during the diagnostic.
  • Targeted leadership up-skill trainings based on skill gaps uncovered during the diagnostic.
  • 90 day program calibration to maximize your ROI as your company culture improves.

Picture leaders across your organization empowered
and aligned. Ready to get started?

"Rach's Emerging HubSpotter Program was the highlight of my time in HubSpot. The course was stimulating, thought provoking and delivered with impressive clarity. Rach is a true professional with great insight into organizational dynamics and a talent for developing employees."
~Carlos Quinn, Emerging Leader, HubSpot