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The Empowerment Hour

A Free Group Coaching Hour For Those Impacted By Layoffs

Impacted by layoffs, a reduction in force or other unexpected job loss? It is hard to have the rug ripped out from under you without warning, I have been there myself. Need a space to collect yourself? Tap into your resilience? Figure out how you are going to carry yourself forward? Join Certified Leadership Development Coach Rach SebellShavit for a free group coaching session where we will get:

  • Support

    Embracing feelings of uncertainty in a supportive space

  • Workshopping

    Workshop next steps to better support career search and well-being while unemployed

  • Empowerment

    Design ways to boost feelings of resilience and empowerment

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Fri, Feb 10

1130 am ET

Groups Not Your Thing?

Want support but not in a group session? Contact me to discuss 1:1 coaching packages.