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Welcome To Coaching With Rach

Let's  Get Your Coaching Started!

Strategic Empowerment Wheel


You are taking an important step to invest in yourself and for taking this important step to make progress toward your personal, professional, and wellbeing goals. We are the sum of everything that is happening in our life so if career, sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management and/or relationships are out of balance, everything can quickly become out of balance and becomes harder and harder to be successful and thrive.


Our Work Together

Leadership Development Coaching is designed to help you identify what it will look like when you feel stronger and are thriving in your life and career. Feeling confident and empowered is personal and looks different for each person because we are all unique. For you it could be some of these, or something completely different:

  • Fit and strong
  • Thriving in your career
  • Eating healthfully
  • Feeling confident leading your team
  • Filled with energy
  • Calm and balanced under stress
  • Being able to be present at home
  • Having a positive and optimistic state of mind
  • Fully engaged and satisfied with life
  • Nurturing positive relationships

Here are my promises to you as my client:

  • To ensure a space that is confidential and filled with trust, anything you say to me, I cannot repeat outside of our coaching sessions
  • To accept and meet you where you are today without judgment
  • To hold space for you in moments of challenge
  • To foster stronger self-acceptance and self-respect
  • To guide you in doing mindful thinking and doing work that builds your confidence
  • To help you define a higher purpose for your wellbeing
  • To help you tap into your innate fighting spirit
  • To help you set realistic goals that enable small victories that lead to self-efficacy
  • To support you in identifying your strengths so that you can overcome your obstacles
  • To support you in viewing obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow
  • To help you build a stronger support team
  • To inspire and challenge you through powerful questions that enable you to go beyond what you can do alone
  • To celebrate you as you stumble and succeed

Steps To Complete Before Our First Call

Please complete all 3 of these steps at least 48 hours before our first call so that I can prepare your Diagnostic Map.

1| Answer These Coaching Readiness Questions

Before you engage with a coach, it is important to ask yourself, am I ready for this journey? The following questions are a great way to find your answer:

  • Am I willing to explore what might be holding me back and how I may be playing a part in holding myself back?
  • Am I willing to take risks?
  • Am I willing to challenge my own beliefs?
  • Am I open to receiving feedback from my peers, friends, family, and Rach as my coach?
  • Am I willing to change my behaviors to reach my stated goals?
  • Do I understand that changing my behaviors will take time and energy and that I won’t always get it right when I try?
  • Am I willing to see things from different perspectives sometimes through exercises that seem silly at first?
  • Am I willing to do the work of self reflection and discuss these reflections with my Rach as my coach, even when it feels uncomfortable?
  • Am I willing to practice new skills in order to reach my goals?

If you answered

  • Yes to 6+ all of these questions then you are ready to take action, adapt, embrace change, and thrive.
  • If you answered yes to fewer than 6 questions, it is important to think about why you answered no and what answering no will mean to getting the most out of your coaching sessions. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get something out of coaching, but it is important that we talk about what you said no to and how this could impact the coaching process.
2| Complete The SebellShavit Diagnostic Survey & Intro Coaching Activities
  • Complete the calibrating a Growth Mindset Activity  (Found in the New Client Activity Workbook ~5 min) 
  • Complete the Core Values Activity (Found in the New Client Activity Workbook ~30 min)
  • Complete the SebellShavit Diagnostic Survey (~30 min)

What Happens Next?

  • I read over your answers to your diagnostic survey.
  • You and I meet for a first 60 min session to debrief your map. On this call I will use my strategic coaching expertise to ask you personalized questions that enable you to  zero in on your personal and professional goals, get clarity on your strengths, identify the roadblocks and habits that are holding you, and develop a customized plan to get you on the path to empowerment!
  • We will have monthly sessions (typically 1-2 depending on what we have agreed to) for the next 6-12 months to support you in making progress towards your 3-6 month goals. Sessions will include discussion and activity based coaching to help you get clarity on how you want to best move forward towards your goals. If at any point you feel you need to adjust or refine a goal, you are welcome to do so. This coaching is all about supporting you and where you want to go.